April 7th, 2006


Guns guns guns

It was a beautiful day today.

A beautiful, peaceful afternoon accessorized with a bullet, for me. Tessa's brother has gotten into guns over the past couple of months. He went from the acquisition of one... to today's arsenal demonstration. His hobbies take on the obsessive properties of... well, geeks with open source code.

He took me out to a state run gun range. And let me tell you... I suck. I am not good. And curiously not good, in the inconsistent way. With a 45mm, for instance: first shot -- hit the target about four inches from the bulls eye. Second shot, hit the bulls eye. Next three rounds? Who knows -- anywhere but the target paper. Sometimes I could do it, sometimes I couldn't hit a thing. I had pretty good clustering with an AK47 on a 50 yard target, which would be something if I had even really been able to see which of the two sheets of paper I had to aim at were. I was still just trying to get comfortable pulling a trigger and having deafening death fly from the end. It didn't really happen, and I was a bundle on nerves a couple hours later (thank you, emotional timeshifting).

But it was a good experience. It won't become an obsession, but it has lingered as something that might be interesting to get better at. Not for any particular aim, not yet. It is a lot like bowling.

Except for the death part.