April 30th, 2006


World of pain

UP3 and tonsillectomies are painful. I still can't swallow. My principle source of calories have been popsicles, and by drinking juice (mixed 1:1 with water) holding my nose. In one moment, I was able to eat a couple of shredded pieces of chicken adobo; another, I spooned through a small cup of chicken+carrot purree. I'm weak, and my body is telling me it will just continue to eat itself until I get over it. I fade in and out of consciousness.

My Mom and Tessa have been great. They keep entertained, which gives me a chance to watch the passage of time (I don't know what time or place it is, I know it is sunny). They're getting to know each other, which is pretty important now. They are having brunch with Tessa's parents right now, and then going househunting.

I'm going to open my eyes now to hit submit. All the best, Dan.