May 22nd, 2007


Getting Repetitive

My last post was about the Random Distance Race. I didn't feel great, but 7:40 average isn't bad for a newly restarted runner.

A week ago, I ran the "Race for the Cure" 5K. More hills, and an upper bound of 7:20 (I started late, ran without a chip, but finished with a chip runner, and they did it in that).

Yesterday I took a nice bike ride in Ohio. It was pitched to me, on the day I bought my bike (50 days ago) as "will you be strong enough for a metric?". A metric century, in bike language, is 60 miles. My response then, after looking at a calendar, was "I had better be". I have a month to the triathlon, and while the bike portion is only 12 miles, my overall endurance should be there. Did 75 miles, average pace between 15 and 18 mph. Felt fine today, ran to the gym and swam a non-stop 1km. My swimming sucks, but I've found a temporary stroke and rhythm that I can do indefinitely without impairing leg function.

On Thursday I leave for Paris (for a week). A celebration of my grandfather's 90th birthday. That should generate less boring entries.