November 16th, 2008


Tweets for Today

  • 10:09 laid off tech worker goes postal: #
  • 14:23 at the MTTA gala (REI). More people than I expected for what appeared to be a low-budget affair. #
  • 16:05 This is not so gradually becoming not worth my time. It feels like a cross between the DMV and a yard sale. #
  • 16:20 @gawashburn Intellectual love children don't need chromosomes. #
  • 16:22 Maybe that's unfair. The feeling of a casino? There is money and consumption and a lot of waiting with brief moments of nearby excitement. #
  • 16:23 Which is funny, because our long standing plan for the weekend is to check out the casino that just opened. #
  • 16:25 (how going to a casino relates to celebrating our anniversary is Complicated. Like "I don't understand it" complicated. It just is.) #