March 16th, 2009


Tweets for Today

  • 11:15 To anyone I just DM'd, I apologize #
  • 11:26 apparently my blackberry got a little cold, a little wet, or both, and TwitterBerry spontaneously started constructing and sending DMs #
  • 15:14 I'm not too far gone: the bike expo was fun, but not as fun as the 45min romp with the dog after. #
  • 15:16 Today's weather is screwy: snow and cold this morning; sun; rain with tent shaking win; drizzle; now "blueskies with the windows open" #
  • 18:02 [MS] - dinosaur comics - March 11 2009: March 12th, 2009: I got tons of emails about yesterday's .. #
  • 21:21 coolest alternative ?dmv? twitter user I have seen: @goddarddmv - NASA prototype dust mitigation vehicle #