April 17th, 2009


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  • 13:56 [MS] Long or Short Capital: The Piratery Picture: With news that an Indian Ocean piratery firm was taken int.. bit.ly/gqWY #
  • 14:00 My father (John Vogel Jr) is going to be on the Jim Lehr (PBS, 6pm) show today! Anyone care to tivo it for me? #
  • 14:47 @crl I stand corrected -- I googled 'jim lehr', and it got me to the right place, but spellcheck obviously engaged. dmvfail. #
  • 19:09 I'm limping. Tried to hold it off, for weeks; reagitated last night. Would you believe a self-inflicted swimming injury? #
  • 02:04 I just had a laughing fit. Full body, dry heavin' laughing; uncontrolled, unrestrained, probably more laughs than the past year. No joke. #