April 20th, 2009


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  • 09:16 Another eBay success: @thvogel had a pile of Domino magazines to toss. Domino just failed. Her eBay listing of 17 issues is now >$150+ship. #
  • 10:02 @ZappoMan good luck on your ultra! We in the twitter world expect to remain informed of your status throughout the race. #
  • 13:22 @kegill I don't see the story here. She was well prepared, and did not represent otherwise. The thrill was a non-traditional opp taken. #
  • 15:12 @ErikJHeels thank you for enabling me to passively keep up with my Red Sox. #
  • 22:06 @kegill sorry, I ran out of 140c. I meant #SusanBoyle is just another #Gladwell #Outlier case study, and evidence of study reinforces that. #