April 23rd, 2009


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  • 10:19 @bucy a bit like holding up a gun show with a letter opener, eh? You control the horizontal and the vertical. #
  • 13:47 used some of what I learned from @brady at #pcampsea to (successfully) pitch a talk to the internal dev community. it is a start. #
  • 17:52 @cameo cause Ira's doing a live movie tomorrow? you going? #
  • 18:23 @brady the start of my crusade to eliminate "PST" from working developer vocabulary. Problems, patterns in time/timezone management. #
  • 18:26 @cameo fun - I'll be at the Pacific Place (Seattle) broadcast. Enjoyed the previous one. Congrats on your store loc confirmation! #
  • 00:00 [MS] XeePhotoshopLoader.m - xee - Google Code: // At this point, I'd like to take a moment to speak to you a.. bit.ly/T1xql #