June 24th, 2009


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  • 18:44 Getting to and from nPost events will be so much easier when this light rail gets out of testing. Very shiny and exciting. #
  • 19:19 @ErikJHeels completely disagree with your 1000 follower math; quantity not quality, organic growth works. #
  • 21:58 Everyone at the #npost after-dinner is talking about their twitter addictions. I'm tweeting about it. When will twitter become email cool? #
  • 23:16 RT: @blueboxjesse: twitpic.com/898po. @nPost organizes his knights of the long table. (via @npost) - am I a knight? #
  • 00:38 [flickr] Night time on Thomas St construction: daemonv posted a photo:

    Phone camera sucks at night exp.. bit.ly/GuPTW #