October 30th, 2009


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  • 17:23 @berkun I consume about one audiobook a week. I'll think on your questions, happy to give feedback too. #
  • 08:12 @berkun As an idea, I prefer author reading; in practice, production value matters more. Its bad to notice the reader after 2 minutes. #
  • 08:14 @berkun e.g. Count of Monte Cristo, the French names jumped out. Exception: Perlman reading "The Strain" was a positive bonus throughout. #
  • 08:19 @berkun you prob have the voice presence + domain exp to do relevant job. If you can enhance the content in the medium, go for it. #
  • 08:23 @berkun e.g., Hodgman's books with JoCo collaborations. Suppliments from physical book humor with timing. #
  • 08:28 contemplating another rainy Movember. To mo or not to mo? BlackBerry auto-expansion of mo to month: is that the answer? #