dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Meet Knuckles Heller

Posted because I heard there was a "cute cat picture" quota to maintain one's blog on the internet.

This is Knuckles Heller. She was found curled up in the driveway of my brother-in-law's house. She was entirely too small to be anywhere away from her mother. My brother-in-law is a good guy, and so called his sister for advice on what to do. She asked me -- as if I, allergic, would know what to do with an abandoned kitten. Of course, while I rarely know answers, I often know someone who might. Thanks karmen!

For the record, the principles of care as I understood them:
  • Keep em warm. A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel works wonders.
  • Keep em sheltered. A small box is a good den simulation.
  • Keep em fed. Wet food, diluted wet food, or kitten milk replacement depending on what they recognize.
  • Keep em from biting you. Kitty bites are always bad, but rabies laws for undocumented animals can be heartbreaking.

Cute stories from the day she was found:
  • Before I had gotten care details, he had figured she might want water. He put out a small bowl of water... which she promptly climbed in to.
  • When given diluted cat food on a small plate, she recognized that it was food. Unfortunately, a ceramic plate is too hard to get a bite of.
  • She fit completely within a hand. A men size 13 shoe box was roomy for her.

Knuckles is about 4 weeks old. When found on Sunday, a kitchen scale said she weighed eight ounces. At the vet yesterday, she is now up to ten ounces. There is some concern about her vision, but that may just be her age. Otherwise, she is being tested for disease but looks good!

The brother-in-law intends to keep her. The odds of finding the kitten's mother are low, and considering his neighborhood, the odds of finding the kitten's mother to be a safer or more loving environment are even lower. He will be a good cat keeper.

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