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Back up your wallet

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #120
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This is a friendly recommendation to back up the contents of your wallet or purse.

What do I mean? We had a scare yesterday that Tessa had had her purse and cellphone stolen. While in damage control mode, we attempted to reconstruct just what was in it after all. She knew there were a pile of cards - but what cards? What did she have of significance, what would not be reissuable (ex. a substantial spa gift card), what could be an unforeseen liability (ex. library card)?

Based on that experience, my advice to everyone reading is to take a moment and inventory your wallet or purse. Write it down as a private entry, on paper, send yourself an email, whatever. Just open up your information transportation unit and survey the contents. If you're feeling ambitious and secure with your storage, you might write down numbers and phone numbers from your cards. But a general survey would go a long way should something happen.

I am a thin (All-ETT) wallet user, and so I take pride in keeping a minimal and tidy wallet. I have a filing system and a pretty good idea of everything in it, where and why I carry it. If you don't do that, you might consider running through your new survey and deciding what needs to be on your person at all times, for risk management purposes.

But do yourself a favor and take note, periodically, of what's in your wallet. Back up your phone, too, if you have that capability. It makes bad times so much easier.

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