dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Goofy training regimen

In a few short minutes, I'm going to wander over to the starting line of the Pittsburgh Great Race. I have not run it before; I have not run a timed 10k before, as far as I can remember. I'm looking forward to it. And, of course, nervous.

Because to train for it, the past few weeks I have done... nothing. Almost nothing. I was running regularly for a while. But after I bailed on my last formal triathlon of the season, when I realized I needed to build my base, my training hours dropped dramatically. Within a week I still lift at least once or twice; try to swim once or twice; and put at least 40-60 miles on my bike. And I'm playing near savage ultimate weekly.

My workplace running partner and motivator is gone -- first with recurring knee problems, then being let go. And I have turned my concentration back to diet and to renovating my house. Work has been crazy in a new way. And my next real triathlon opportunities are next year. Do those sound like lame excuses to you, too?

So I will run a 10k as a simulation for one as the final component to an olympic length triathlon. It will give me a number to beat and a motivator to do better. After my training this year, I have a bizarre total confidence in my ability to complete 6.2 miles on raw will. Going through my head? Wiggle your big toe. HTFU. Yes, bizarre mental prep.
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