dMv (daemonv) wrote,

So yesterday was kind of a mistake. The Pittsburgh Great Race is an amazing race course, and I will do it again. But maybe next time I will try running more than a mile within the weeks leading up to it.

I finished in 1:01:00 -- just below 10 minute miles. In May I was at 7 minute miles. Too much biking, too little running, methinks. I am going to have to improve my 10k time before I attempt an olympic length triathlon.

It was a mistake because I may have injured myself. It is very hard for me to recognize actual injury. The pronounced limp and a persistent inability to put weight on my foot is hard to ignore. I think a preemptive health measure caused it, which makes me feel even dumber. Earlier in the year, I had been feeling ankle pain while running, and so I got a simple Ace wrap brace for it which seemed to help. I have not worn it in a while, but I thought it might be helpful for distance. A side effect on distance is that it has a tendency to "ride up", giving me a "foot wedgie".

At the time of completing the race, I couldn't tell how bad it was. After crossing the finish line and having my chip cut off, I wandered to the food tents for a bagel and smiley cookie. Then I sat down to remove my ankle wrap and figure out where to go to catch the shuttle back to the start. I sat down and unpinned my race bib to look at the map on the back. I put my hand down to my lap, and stuck my hand into a safety pin. Or that's what it felt like -- it went in faster and deeper than I expected. I looked down and there was a bee in my hand. The racer next to me, seeing my fast brush-off of the bee, asked if I had been stung. A brief hesitation, and "I guess so". A brief moment after that, and I knew so... oww. Very therapeutic, that beesting -- for the next couple of minutes, all of the other pain I was in went away. Became irrelevant.

So I limped home, and then helped with Tessa's grandmother's 90th birthday party. Tessa's mother, a consummate hostess and Martha Stewart devotee, threw a wildly successful party filled with extended family, old neighbors, and a crazy amount of food. It was quite nice, but after getting back (soon after the Steelers lost), all I could do was go to bed.

I tend to walk, if I don't think about it, on the ball of my foot. I can't do that. And weight on my heel feels awful. If my foot is still bad in a day or two, I suspect I will have to see a doctor. Such is the price of non-conditioned running. I know better than that. By this time, I should be feeling sore but mechanically intact.

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