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My last entry was fairly negative, and I figured I would let it be and put the positive as a supplemental. While I was dumb about conditioning, I was smart about clothing.

I ran in a pink bike jersey. Not just any pink bike jersey -- a TwinSix FatCyclist Pink one.
At the Pittsburgh Triathlon, I saw a member of a relay team wearing the original FatCyclist jersey... it was very clever and very nice looking. And, for someone who will likely always be a Clydesdale (200+ pounds) by frame alone, I appreciated the motto: heavyweight horsepower. On the sleeve: 201.

I decided to check out the site, and this was my first entry. I was drawn in by the detailed description of an epic ride. I was hooked when I discovered An Open Letter to Triathletes. His build-up to, and full write up of Leadville 100 (one of the few races I read about and still have zero interest in ever doing), was fun. His heartbreaking stories of his wife's current second battle with cancer are inspiring. When Fatty posted two weeks ago about being almost sold out of originals (only Larges, and they went fast), I realized I should pull the trigger on getting a pink one. It arrived last week, and is very nice.

In retrospect, I see that it says "Team Fatty" on it. But at the time, I got a real boost by the occasional yell of "Go Team Fatty!" as I passed or was passed. And other FatCyclist references. I got a lot of positive comments about the shirt, which is fairly uncommon in a race. And it was nice to have a jersey that has the self-depreciation bit down, and also gives a plausible excuse for why I run slowly ('not my sport'). Maybe I should keep wearing 5K race shirts during my bike rides...

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