dMv (daemonv) wrote,

The weather in my head is different from my body.

Tessa has been out of town this week. That has made me more productive at work - expected - and more productive at home - unexpected. Despite two 14 hour days, I've managed to fish, bundle and crimp most of the way through my ambitious tv wiring plan. I even ironed this morning.

But I remain lazy in more personal things. As I have undoubtly mentioned previous, I've got a terrible body to mind connection. Things happen to my body that I learn about mostly through analytical means. Last night was a perfect example.

Last night, it was pretty cold out. It didn't seem that bad when I left work (at 11pm). I know this because I woke up shivering. The weather records indicate it was 44.

I could have:
A. Put on something more than underwear.
B. Asked my dog to move such that I was able to get my shoulders under the blanket or sheet on our king size bed.
C. Closed the open window next to me.

I did D: tell myself to get over it, and fall back asleep by will. I think this repeated a couple of times... But not too many, as I had to be back at work by 8am for a customer demo.

That's the light story.

I mentioned last week that my foot felt bad after the Great Race, and if it still hurt in a few days, I might see a doctor. Then I got out of bed and failed to walk down the hall. That kind of thing triggers a requirement by Tessa that a doctor be found. I limped off to work and asked around.

I got a great referral, and managed an appointment for Wednesday. Things still hurt - a lot of sympathetic muscles in my back and the other leg, from compensating for my limp. But I felt strong enough to manage an hour session with my trainer immediately before the appointment. I'm smart, eh?

After X-rays came an MRI two days later, to confirmed their best guess, which was tenable because I was still walking around. The MRI was a really nice one, as the doctor pulled in all of the residents and fellows to see, and scheduled to be the "image of the weekly discussion".

It revealed that I ruptured my Plantar Fascia. Not inflamed, or sprained - ruptured. Foot cavities filled with icky fluids that used to be important.

According to wikipedia, the PF supports as much as 14% of the foot's load... that explains why the next day, when I tried to walk on it, I experienced an odd "fail" condition. According to my doctor, I must have a ridiculous pain threshold. I should know when it burst, because that's supposed to stop me (I expect around mile 2, when I felt compelled to walk briefly for the first time, despite my heart rate being manageable). I should not have been able to keep running. I should not have been able to limp for days. I should have complained of serious pain when I first saw him - when instead, I was concerned that I was babying a cramp.

This is not to brag about my pain threshold. I am moderately concerned about it. Based on this experience, I know I have the ability to forge on past acute injury. For triathlons, that's good and bad; as an amateur, it would be dumb to take advantage of. And I'm concerned that I'm now more motivated to do some serious distance running training and conditioning. Cause I'm dumb, and still blame it on my conditioning.

Now, I have a big boot to wear, and no running, for 3-4 weeks. To think about it.

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