dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Roy, things have changed since my last post.

Worked harder than I ever have before between November 17 to December 11. House work. Rewired, fixed, improved. Had great help from a cast of characters, including gustaf+robogock, pericles42+wife.

Bought a Wii, opened it on December 11. Packed it with the movers on December 13. Love it. Tessa loves it too, much more than she expected (she plays more than I).

December 13th we started camping, living out of the two suitcases we would take with us to Seattle that were not going to the Caymans. Sometime prior to that we rented our apartment, starting January 1st.

December 16th I flew out to Seattle. Worked my first three days at Amazon, living out of a hotel. They flew me back on the 19th (and 20th).

December 21st through December 29th, Tessa and I went on a Bad Idea vacation. Lots of fiascos, and it is hard to relax when you know you have three impossible days ahead of you.

December 30 through January 1st were crazy.

January 2nd, we drove to Cleveland in a scary snow storm. January 3rd, we lived in Seattle. The dog flew well, although he wore out a patch of his nose (it has mostly healed). Tessa had only a few breakdowns, and survived the flight by (rare for her) sleeping through most of it. Exhaustion (plus two benadryl) can be a great sleep aid.

January 7th, I started work again full time. Haven't really stopped since. Work is... amazing. Fast paced, very smart people, all kinds of neat, new technology and ideas. And the resources! I got see Dick Hardt give an Identity 2.0 talk as part of an in-house Developers Conference...

We have free housing until March 3rd, in a nice apartment in an insanely central location.

Today we signed a lease for an amazing house on Bainbridge Island.

I'll talk about all of these things in more detail. Actually, I probably won't. Not all of these things. Ask if you'd like elaborations.

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