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February 3rd, 2008

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10:53 pm - Lucky me
Reading a blog can be pretty profitable.

No, I don't just mean Long or Short Capital (the blog that pays a dividend, which I have received on occasion).

I got an email from the Fat Cyclist (a Bloggie Award nominee) letting me know the results of his raffle this weekend. Specifically -- I won!

What did I win? A 2008 Marin Hamilton 29er. It is a new commuter model, using all of the trendy ideas. The frame is steel, the bigger wheels means it can go faster (similar in size to most road bikes). It is a single-speed... it can be a fixed gear bike, but I doubt I will use it much for that. I have been intrigued by the single-speed idea, but turned off by the fixie-trendy thing.

The portions of my email that fatty printed explain it all. I wanted a more practical bike to commute with. My road bike is great, but I don't want to deck it out with gear (rack, lights) and I would be concerned about it being flashy. My ride to work will be short (less than three miles), but hilly and without great roads. This will be a muted, fun... and free ride.


All for a $50 tax deductible donation to a good (Lance Armstrong Foundation) cause. And a turn of my semi-charmed life.

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Date:February 6th, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
That's pretty sweet. :)

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