dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Settling In

The move to the Pacific Northwest has been fun. I think that's the current assessment.

The weather is nice. Yes, it is overcast a lot, and drizzles are common. But whether I walk to work is dependent on timing, not temperature or rain. I don't wear more than a sweater, and that is typically too much.

The animal life is fun through subtle differences. Yes, I see harbor seals and deer -- those are to be expected in the rural environment of an Island in a Sound. But the subtle differences are more fun. I just saw a very striking Steller's Jay hopping about on our back porch. It looked familiar... but different.

On my bike ride last week -- 33 miles, 2700 feet of climbing, on my new single speed -- I saw bald eagles flying around. There are far more crows than I am accustomed to (given my corvi obsessions, this is a good thing).

It is now March 1st, and it has felt like Spring since December.

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