dMv (daemonv) wrote,

As a character says: 'Doesn't this smell of desperation?'

Lost both frisbee games today -- one close one which we dominated until the half, the other a complete blowout. I get the sense that they want to train me into a handler. I should probably get in better form, cause otherwise, I can certainly throw reliably enough.

Yesterday, went with bucy's Intro Japanese class to a "sushi" place in Shadyside. Sushi in Pittsburgh is always a very dubious affair... I've been spoiled in Boston. Last time I was at this place had a not so good experience (didn't get sick, but didn't eat everything on my plate). But I missed sushi, and I wanted to see if Bucy would actually try it. He ended up eating two of my california rolls, and a sashimi tuna. This is a far different Bucy from the one who wouldn't eat anything that wasn't within the general "American" staple. Or, as he put it later, this was the first time he had eaten lettuce in a while (he tried a bit of his salad!). The sushi worked out well enough - nothing too questionable. Far cry from what I've had on a coast though.

After that, we went to a late showing of Bad Company. Not quite as bad as the reviews make it out. I'm completely ready for a summer of spy movies.

And now I'm off to food. Banal livejournalers of the world, unite!

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