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Curious message, here. I've had enough banal entries for it be obvious: I'm bored and in denial about a great many things. Like, graduation. But more specifically, ommkarja. After googling a couple of people from my frisbee team (fascinating jobs! CTO of ICC, IBM, Economic Development of Homestead, etc, RI faculty...) I naturally started to google other people. Mozilla's google stuff is great. I am completely obscured, as it should be, by an author on Mormon studies and a programmer for Epic. But ommkarja is straightforward.

Of course, ywong's news articles, when he was courting her, is fascinating. I thank my oblivious nature, and my only recent extroversion, that there are no similar records. I was a project of hers, so I didn't go through the same pain of doubt -- though I recognize her characteristic behaviors. And I am reminded not to put much here about how I feel about the present state. Sorry. I'm impressed by ywong... particularly keeping everything online. Yes, this post is still public.

So yeah. Threw a frisbee with bucy for a couple of hours in the sunlight. Was able to find a route to conquer the compiler issues for work, so I'll finally make forward progress. I don't know how it works. But it does, and so I'm willing to leave the mysteries of the inner workings of gcc alone. When people ask what my research is: compiler voodoo.

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