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Tweets for Today

  • 09:37 after spending so many months working in the train optimization domain, the LA train wreck is... personal and sad and intriguing. #
  • 09:44 yes, UP was our customer and yes, my former employer makes most of the equipment which is supposed to make this impossible... #
  • 09:46 or at least implausible, until they upgraded to the tech which takes the human op out of the control loop. What vital system failed here? #
  • 09:48 I have probably spent hours simulating that kind of scenario (single track, passenger followed by freight), probably even in that region... #
  • 09:49 and no, nothing I wrote could have anything to do with it. #1, the vital sys protections. #2, they *still* are "months" from shipping v1 #
  • 16:03 my incidental gmail experiment is a little alarming -- I am receiving 92% of emails that I am spoof sending to myself. 8% MIA. Eek. #
  • 16:04 is having fun with his wife. She's great. We're going to replace the WRX with a new car because she sucks ass (her words) at driving it. #
  • 18:49 got a Seattle Public Library card. It is Library Card Sign-up Month. #
  • 18:49 @ggoddard Yes it is. #
  • 23:27 continues to impress me, although I would love an API for accessing my processed documents. love love love. #

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    13:34 Boxed water is better? #

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    13:12 @ cameo do you mean something like ? #

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