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September 25th, 2008

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12:10 pm - Tweets for Today
  • 11:09 talking about taking our car to the shop, and laughing that @bucy and @renelae both just twittered "car at the shop". Echo ch ... #
  • 19:38 at the Southcenter Mall. Save me! #
  • 07:49 @asolochek that sounds particularly hazardous. Course, almost any car trouble could kill you. #
  • 07:53 @webwright can you afford it? Do you understand your terms, and will you remain able to afford it? Is it a good value? If yes, ignore market #
  • 07:56 @webwright by afford, that is projecting conservative for RT. You were comfortable taking $ for RT in this market, you know enough for RE. #

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