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vermonster asserted, after a couple of days here, that we have had very different college experiences. I can not, now, disagree. On the location, I had heard it was:

  • 40 minutes from Minneapolis
  • Mostly flat, some rolling hills
  • A pretty, well equipped Campus
  • In the middle of nowhere

I can not disagree with any of these facts. I wish I had had a chance to check out their tunnel system -- a system designed around the snow-bound campus, which had been accessible in my father's day, but no more. Or so they say. Apparently it is well-painted.

I'd kind of like to see the campus in the snow, now.

Otherwise, I did not get much of a chance to see Minneapolis. Went in for dinner... Uptown? Felt like the Mission... with some of my sister's roommates. Good Thai restaurant. I think I want to learn Thai, and I don't know why.

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