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First Post

As a bit of curiousity... and continue the trend of blogging becoming self-generating media... I decided to look into what the first line or two of various people's livejournals are. We'll do it as a bit of a game, I guess. The pool of candidates is my friends list. I'll list the the quotes... but not match them. It is not much of an exercise to match them up, but they stand alone nicely. Some may not be accessible, of course.

  • "I haven't kept a journal since I was 16. I stopped after the turmoil of adolescence stopped, and am beginning again because I have discovered that maintaining context for one's circle is far more difficult than I had ever thought, so I am contributing context."

  • "This is a test of the emergency live journal system. If this were an actual journal entry it would probably contain some kind of 'real' content."

  • "I finally created a livejournal account, to satisfy a number of things."</blockquote>

  • "It's moments such as these that leave a man standing naked before his computer muttering. Don't get me wrong, most of the time I'm quite sane... minus one or two miscellaneous voices... but set me in front of a blank journal, and I might as well be wearing shredded wheat."

  • "Today I did not get into CMU for graduate school (*huge* surprise there, lemmie tell ya), and I got this lovely livejournal account so I have somewhere to babble besides the forum. Needless to say, my productivity has not been terribly high."

  • "My first entry. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. See you guys in a month."

  • "Hey everyone, it's my cherry popping entry.. I'm still apprehensive about releasing personal information, but I love the concept of this place so hopefully I'll ease into it."

  • "so this is my firts and only enrty. enjoy."

  • "These things are a big waste of time. Then again, maybe I need more ways to waste my time."

  • "uh oh. here i go...."

  • "I shouldn't even be playing with this so close to graduation. *oy*"

  • "Finally called about the one job I was sure I'd get (except that 3 weeks have elapsed since "we'll call you next week") ... just another secretary telling me the hiring manager is on vacation/out of office/ etc."

  • "Ok this is my first real entry. I'm glad I've found an excuse to start writing again. Everytime I keep real journals I stop because looking back on them is way too embarassing. Too many loser guys I couldn't care less about now. Of course this won't be much better..."

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