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February 22nd, 2009

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12:10 pm - Tweets for Today
  • 12:01 Seem to have finally burned off the excesses of my travel week (etc). Back to BMI of Jan, albeit lower bf% (hope) #
  • 13:32 [flickr] SLU construction: daemonv posted a photo: bit.ly/19ciwC #
  • 14:52 We are what we eat and we eat what we are: after this morning's swim, it felt right ordering a tuna melt. Wish I swam more like a live tuna. #
  • 14:55 2009-02-21 #bodybugg sleeplog - Re: twitter.com/dmv/status/1234478485 Posted via email from dmv does... tumblr.com/xn41btn3x #
  • 07:34 "skipping" Chilly Hilly this year (did not register) to volunteer at a time trial race in Everett. #

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