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Full Disclosure: Body Fat Analysis, 03/03/2009

I did another Body Fat test today.  From last time:

So here is today's "truth": 228.2[sic] pounds, 26.3% bodyfat -- lean mass of 168.6lb.  Base Metabolic Rate of 2157.

Today's truth: 230.8 pounds, 23.6% body fat -- lean mass of 176.2lbs.  Base Metabolic Rate of 2233.

Apparently I lost 5.6lbs of fat, but found 7.6lbs of muscle.  D'oh!

I have noticed steady improvements in my weight training, but I have not been doing too much of it.  I guess for now, this is my lot: my body gains muscle quickly. Ultimately, that's ok.  As I said starting out, my goals are measured in performance not weight.  I had my first triathlon of the season on Sunday, and I succeeded beyond my expectations - I had strength left to sprint the last mile on the bike (at 300+ watts), I ran the entire distance and had enough for a finish line kick.  Perhaps I even left energy on the table -- I was able to change, drive home, etc.  I do not believe this would have been possible just two months ago.

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