dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Looking glass...

Do you think this is me?

Responsible for developing experimental research applications and modifying
existing software for specific research applications within the School of
Computer Science. Provides consulting services to researchers relative to
software capability.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree in information systems, computer science,
or chemistry and knowledge of research techniques or equivalent combination
of training and experience; one or more years experience programming,
preferable in a research setting; previous compiler experience; skill in
using essential command languages, including Java and C++; excellent
analytical, problem solving and organizational skills; ability to
comprehend system and application related materials; design and maintain
applications using database techniques; communicate with systems users;
understand and follow directions. Preferred Qualifications: Additional
course work in computer applications; two or more years experience in
research programming; some experience in programming artificial
intelligence application.

I get an offer on Friday, apparently.
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