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March 3rd, 2002

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02:53 pm - Kids
From a readable Sterling: It's much like my teenage daughter's AOL Instant Message mania. Her Mom and I, we were kinda worried about her 90% digital social life, until we realized that we don't have to buy her a car or any gasoline. If this describes you as a teenager, raise your hand.

Heck, that probably describes my sister as well. She would mock me for being a computer geek -- I was the one with the 24x7 netconnected linuxbox in the house in 94. And yet often her social evenings would revolve around her and a friend or three gathered at the family PC, AIM'ng all of the friends who weren't there. Yes, she was social (did you know there was a 100 user buddylist limitation, or used to be) and I was not. Yes, I wrote communication programs and she consumed them. But Sterling is right... the general promiscuity of all our cool toys indicates social contagion.

She (vermonster) has had a livejournal account for months.

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Date:March 15th, 2002 12:07 pm (UTC)


hey now, im COOL dammit! and now that i know your lj name, no more making fun of me. for the record, i have not written one entry; i just use it to read my friends. so hmph.

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