dMv (daemonv) wrote,

  • 14:15 My willingness to perform unholy and unsustainable configuration changes to achieve an objective increases as a function of deadline. #
  • 20:22 @velocityem Velocity looks nice and full tonight. Well done! #
  • 01:32 [MS] Devices for a good night's sleep: Inspire Medical Systems Inc. has begun a human clinical trial of an i.. #
  • 08:54 my next big adventure has solidified past the logistics stage - we're all but flight booked. Sadly, we = Dad+I without @thvogel. #
  • 08:58 @aaronwhite feasible technically (I'm enjoying PhoneTag), I suspect a limitation would be batt. Lightweight mp3 recorder? Be the next Flip? #

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    My blackberry died in the rain last Monday (November 6th). Between the rain and the freezing temperatures, maybe I pushed too hard, and some buttons…

  • Sporting News of mid July 2007

    This weekend I will be in Charlotte, NC, visiting my sister ([Unknown LJ tag] ) and my uncle&aunt*. We are taking a long weekend for the drive…

  • I don't update frequently because I respect you.

    Housing: We've got two contenders and some really fun stories about trying to buy a house in the begining of a buyer's market. Our poor young…

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