dMv (daemonv) wrote,

  • 12:30 hey @thvogel, we're going to Frost/Nixon on may 8th (@stgpresents Paramount). Sucks that 2x$19.77 == $64 in ticketmastermath. #
  • 15:02 RT @zare_k to @kelli Why, didn't you hear that P=NP has been proven? #
  • 16:15 Madness at the company store today. #
  • 07:52 @ikirigin Findable. Searchable. Distinct. Your name would be as distinguished if we still used altavista #
  • 08:00 Up early on a Saturday to recreationally attend #pcampsea #

  • Three Videos

    After spending the day away from the social networks, and then cramming to catch up, the links in aggregate start to tell stories together. Here are…

  • (no subject)

    13:34 Boxed water is better? #

  • (no subject)

    13:12 @ cameo do you mean something like ? #

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