dMv (daemonv) wrote,

  • 09:15 @zare_k I don't regret replacing the chairs with old school oak ones. But the table had bested 2 better ones over the past 3 moves. Sad. #
  • 09:19 @npost I should (I had a small glabs role) but the dreamliner gallery is more compelling. If you're still there after, I will. Est. endtime? #
  • 12:21 New Pepsi logo pitch: this is what happens when designers pretend to be scientists. Pretty, useless. (via @berkun) #
  • 12:27 yesterday's move #s: 4344 cal, 4:22hr of 'activity' (0 at 6+ PMETs), 14784 steps, 7:12hr of sleep at @dolange abode. All lower than expected #
  • 22:57 This move brought to us by the letter L: Leverage (dollys, forearm forklift), eLevators, and Langes. 90% complete now. #
  • 22:59 @npost disappointed by your twitter velocity. The party was either a success... or really a success... or? Is it worth heading over now? #
  • 01:25 I am that jerk filing my interview notes at 1:30am for an 8:30am debrief. In my defense, moving weekend with no net at home. Off to find it. #

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    13:34 Boxed water is better? #

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