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July 14th, 2002

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03:01 am - Slip of Character
Yesterday: "Start" of work. After dinner at Dave & Busters (second Friday in a row) -- we all played Pod Racer. Midnight showing of Road to Perdition. Very good. Been a while since Paul Newman has starred in a movie. My synopsis: the problem with casting Newman and Hanks is that the rest of the actors feel like actors. Very are both very good at what they do.

Today: Tore the washing machine apart. There is no sign: "No User Servicable Parts". This machine is from the generation where that wasn't true; where men were men, and who could take a simple machine apart, reroute all the plumbing (etc), and put it back to together. This is did, and... the machine (still?) works! (for those not familiar, I am very unmechanically inclined) I did laundry today, with my own machines.

Then I loaded up the contents of my (well stocked) kitchen into The Ride, including a box with all of my (unwrapped, unpadded, closely packed) glassware. Despite a couple of bad sounds, everything made it ok, and it all fit in the new kitchen. I don't think I've ever concentrated on driving as much as the ride over -- mine is not a soft, cushy driver by default. Sporty suspension, etc.

Then I went to a party in a bar, hanging out with Fay and a bunch of random frisbee personalities.

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Date:July 15th, 2002 01:07 am (UTC)
She's been in a bit of a scramble lately. I'll get her back on.

...barely worth it.

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