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Car wash today. Again, it is a shiny new car... with many more miles on it than I would have expected. Just performs better, though. Hope it continues this next week (~1500 miles is my estimate). Near the carwash (that lange recommended... who else would know?) was a nice animal shelter. Went in, browsed. There are some very nice dogs. There are a lot of Doberman, German Shepard (and mixes of the two). I don't know if this is an indicator of high interest, or just that most people who get them don't realize how non-trivial they are. There were one or two dogs I probably would have adopted on the spot... but: a. I've not yet finished moving into my pet-friendly home, b. I'm travelling soon.

Actually, travelling is interesting. I'll be moving about alot this week (hinted at above). Then at the end of next week, I'm off to Canada for a crazy week. I was almost able to go on a trip with an old friend to Alaska, the week after. But I won't be able to. So I guess I can seriously get a dog in two weeks, because the next "known travel" is Thanksgiving, and I can drive for that. I'll probably try to get home/Boston before then as well, but again -- if I can drive, no worries. Or, if it is just a brief excursion, I don't mind leaving the dog to my competant friends. But not in the first two-three weeks.

I wonder if I should buy a computer now.

I wonder if I should order DSL... I guess I'll go dig for information about DSL-as-SCS-benefit.

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