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12:47 An RSVP Ticket lottery - RSVP — Ride Seattle to Vancouver… - dmv/blogs/lj — LiveJournal

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June 3rd, 2009

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12:10 pm
  • 12:47 An RSVP Ticket lottery - RSVP — Ride Seattle to Vancouver & Party... tumblr.com/xn41xmgs7 #
  • 12:59 Raffling off my RSVP ticket: bit.ly/CbeWV
    because I have not done enough fundraising (and I can't go anyway) #
  • 17:03 Tried to email the organizer for my (not yet announced) talk on Friday (to delay, of course); discovered he is now an un-person. Not cool. #
  • 17:12 My Russian-Kazakh colleague teaches me phrases from the old times. "No person, no problem". #
  • 17:14 @MarinaMartin Does your rewriting code recognize that '/blog/' is not a member of '/'? That's a common rewriting regex problem... #
  • 00:49 Is it me, or does decipher by tweet imply a light show not a most effective brand advertisement? And not an active inquiry, either! #

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