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BioPet DNA Mixed Breed test results of Corvis - dmv/blogs/lj — LiveJournal

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July 21st, 2009

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11:47 pm - BioPet DNA Mixed Breed test results of Corvis
A couple of weeks ago, there was a sale on BioPet DNA Breed Identification Kits (product page).

I wrote a final paper in a graduate course on Computational Genomics in 2002 on developing a kit like this. I was fascinated to discover that now there are multiple competing products.

To those who know corvisdog, the result is somewhat amusing.
  • Level Three (20-36%)

    • Cocker Spaniel
    • German Shepard Dog
    • Siberian Husky

  • Level Four (10-19%)

    • Irish Setter
    • Pekingese

Everyone assumes that he is a Black Lab dominated mix. But the BioPet roster includes tests for Labrador Retrievers. This "confirms" (as much as anything can confirm) his German Shepard Dog roots. It does explain his size (50lbs), build (stocky), and behavior (herding).

It also confirms that our Heinz 57 dog is the son of two mutts. But Pekingese?!

Corvis - Mixed Breed Analysis - BioPet VetLab

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