dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Goodbye my baby

My mom has my phone, my apartment keys, and my car. I have to admit I was a bit nervous handing the car over to her; on the one hand, she already liked it and thought it was a great choice... and the driving experience is far superior to the interior or design (which is nice). On the other hand, she's totalled at least 4 cars (two of them Volvos), none of which had >200 hp or a turbo. At least there should be enough safety features and airbags that she'll survive.

Her (frequently stated, so far) opinion of my new apartment is that it is too good for me.

She has some pretty interesting ideas on how I should furnish it, based on my budget and time I plan to stay. I think we both sense how much potential the place has/had if I could afford real furniture... and if I wouldn't kill the dozens of house plants the place longs for.

Back to work for me. I now have several work deadlines before I leave. This is coupled with the need to fundraise at least $1400 for the trip. And then I remembered that, because I'm not coming back til August, I will have to be completely moved by the end of next Friday. I forgot what it is like to sense the impending stress like an approaching thunderstorm.

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