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August 18th, 2002

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12:02 pm - Video Game Addictions
The first rule of Video Game addiction is that you do not talk about VGA.

The problem with my apartment is that it is very enabling. Once it gets dark, the projector is visible... but there isn't a whole lot else out in the area. So one can either watch a DVD or play a video game. I now have ten or so games (added to the pile: SSX Tricky and Virtua Fighter 4).

Kirby has developed an SSX addiction. Fortunately, this has resulted in more and more of the game being legitimately unlocked -- and it is a great game to just watch. And while it has been very convenient for me to have him inspired to visit (he fixes things, and engineers the various things I need to enhance in the apartment -- like, last night, blinds). Thursday, he played til late... (and didn't not end up sleeping, even when he went home). Friday, similar, when jhurst and tlauwers came over. And, of course, last night.

I'll write more about the "Bizarrebecue". Now I have to go get another futon (or a "real" bed), because having the hordes over got my futon couch rebuilt. Which means that which I was using as my bed is now my livingroom couch. So I've been sleeping in my own guest room...

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Date:August 18th, 2002 06:28 pm (UTC)
I don't recommend talking about SuperVGA anymore either.

Maybe you need to start charging for admission, and use it to pay a new bed/futon :-)

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