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dlb (aka Napolean, Nappy, Dave) is coming to town. Tomorrow morning. Til Tuesday. Neat! We'll play disc golf, he'll kick my ass at GT3, etc.

My apartment is actually starting to become... *gasp* organized. We've been building and installing and moving things. Futon was picked up today, by the power of Subaru. Stereo equipment is in a glass bricked box. Bookshelves installed and populated. Financial future remapped.

Went to Church, with various friends... and so I could watch the trailer for the Summer League video. Not entirely necessary -- I've already paid my money for the video on VCD -- but was neat to see. lange finally realized that a... motivation... for frisbee is the significant population of cute, athletic women in our age demographic who play...

Otherwise, bah. Boo. The stove, which has been offline since Canada, is turning out to be more of a situation than expected. Yesterday, we replugged it in, found and flipped the circuit breaker -- and were rewarded by lots of blue sparks on numerous wires in the basement. Fun. Finally got the electrician in today... and he determined it was the stove. So now the game is tracking down appliance people, to fix the 3 year old stove.

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