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What to say

Funny. I've been active, and so I have little interest in updating. Hmmm. Troubling result.

dlb came. We had great fun playing disc golf with my dad (and independently, later). I think he got a better vibe off Pittsburgh... finally. Things like taking him by suprise to Church Brewworks -- and discovering they sold a variety of disc golf discs with their stamp on em -- helped. He looks like he's doing pretty good, and that is good for me to see. Long time friends and all.

My apartment is finally "moved in" -- yes, my bedroom lacks furniture other than a really comfortable futon. We did well at a moving sale in my neighborhood. And my dad was enthusiastic enough that I now have things like bookshelves, and the front room cleared out. He also prompted me to put the cogs in motion to get my stove fixed... I really like my landlords... and, three days later I again have a functioning stove. The electrician came, and demonstrated it was an Applicance Issue. The applicance guy came, unscrewed the back, plugged it in... and it works. As he put it, "Only God knows what that was about". (Earlier, the stove had caused a several large sparks from various points along the electric wires in the basement... major short...)

So... now I've got a nice car and what I think is a pretty nice apartment. I hope ommkarja likes it all.

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