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Naturally, as was obvious to everyone but myself, I ended up taking her home. She and Corvis mostly got along, and ran around together all night. This may have been a good thing, because while Corvis is mellow, he was complaining last night about not getting enough exercise. This morning he was a very tuckered out puppy. We're still trying to find the owner, and I'm trying the various things I can think of (ARL, Animal Friends, posting to She's really sweet and timid, although she's bigger than Corvis and sometimes let him know it. They generally didn't fight, but I worry they are a bit too big, such that if they were to do so unobserved, they might hurt each other.

Other dog theory is that Corvis is not part Chow Chow, rather, he might be part Shepard. Shit. It explains a great deal more about his behaviorial quirks (guarding, overprotective, needs lots of attention but very mellow) and the parts we had ascribed to Chow Chow look a bit more Shepard-like (including the tail... and they actually are not Chow Chow ears, looking at the Standard). He's still a Great Dog, we're completely taken with him... I had forgotten how great it is just to sit on the couch curled up with a book and a dog.

I certainly won't and can't keep her (I've been calling her "Thunder", and she's obedient enough to listen). Partially because of my lease, partially because I don't think Corvis is all that thrilled with her, and especially because two dogs is a lot of work. Corvis, as is, is a handful. Having to deal with two 50-70 lbs dogs... that really want attention... is more than I can handle alone. And ommkarja leaves on Sunday. I really hope we find her owner. She's such a sweetie.

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