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Fruit flies in garbage disposal puree - dmv/blogs/lj

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September 17th, 2002

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02:55 pm - Fruit flies in garbage disposal puree
0xdeadbef1 was mostly successful. Served less than last year, but everyone seemed happy. I was confronted by jcreed to verify my real world identity. Heh -- at least I wasn't asked if I was daemonv. I did not stick around to watch the movie... this year we did not (as previous tradition) show Colossus, the Forbin Project, opting instead to stick with the happier Wargames. I did not stick around, because I had lots of mostly frozen burgers and veggie burgers to refrigerate. And corvisdog greeted me enthusiastically enough that I could not leave him again that night.

I was just free-upgraded to a Travelocity Preferred account. I thought it was spam. Spam Assassin gives it 89 points. But I think its a good free thing. And its funny, because I haven't even started to do most of the travelling I hope to do in the near future. Seeing mkelly (one of the few people I know, my age, who has travelled more extensively than I have) or going to Spice Island (lunch today) always reengages my wanderlust. I may be able to satisfy some of it soon... I've decided that, regardless of consequences, I'm going to join my parents on a portion of whatever neat trip they go on post-Thanksgiving. They are talking Moscow.

I submit the subject as another "fun with language" sentance.

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Date:September 17th, 2002 04:32 pm (UTC)
[I was just free-upgraded to a Travelocity Preferred account]

Does this really do anything useful for you? Sort of like a couple of years ago, Citibank decided that I was a platinum customer instead of a non-metallic customer, but this didn't raise my credit line, lower my APR or anything concretely helpful like that... all I got out of it was a new, slightly prettier card.

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