dMv (daemonv) wrote,

For wont of...

This weekend I spent a lot of time driving with corvisdog. Then I went to the Producers, last night, with yaron, lange, denorae and Tracy. Good fun: preshow dinner at Lemongrass Cafe, Broadway Musical, then the coffeeshop formerly known as Dancing Goats. The Producers is a pretty ridiculous show. In light of assurances of "better tickets, cheap" in the groupbuy situation from whence the tickets came, we had dead-center seats... all the way in the back of the second (and final) balcony. But we could see and hear everything, so it was all good. Don't tell denorae, but the sound was probably better than when I had her killer seats, but it may have just been higher production value. The Producers really went all out with sets etc.

Nothing else to say. End of line.
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