dMv (daemonv) wrote,

oh the cuckoo...she's a pretty bird...

Went to Kristin Hersh with lange. The trio had an interesting arrangement -- each got their private stage time, as well as pairing up with one (or finally, all three) other. They played a mix of works from each of their private careers (Hersh played mostly from her solo career, with a couple of Muses tunes), as well as songs from the past (including a Vic Chestnut). Kristin is very pregnant. She's also still got it, and it was great to hear her revisions to some of her classics. And despite having to stand the entire time, I still really like the Club Cafe atmosphere.

In other not-related news that I failed to report -- we won our frisbee game on Monday. What a weird feeling. I'm not used to this "winning" thing.

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