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Because I'll never get to the writeup

250 miles to Niagra (4pm-10pm, traffic, 3 dozen Krispy Kreme). 3 hours of sleep (3am-6am, Yanchak: 0 hours + +300CAD @ casino). 100 miles to Toronto (by 8:30am). 8 hours of frisbee (3 games, 3 losses: 17-6, 17-7, 17-8). Dinner (Pizza, yum) and appearance at Party. 7 hours of sleep (1am-8am). 7 hours of frisbee (2.5 games, 2.5 losses: 17-9, 17-10, US vs CA). 350 miles (5pm-1am, TGI Fridays-Erie is best when deserted & desserted).

Yanchak&Certo's [Cancer] team (0-3,1-1 and we skipped our game). Jodi's [Taurus] team (1-2,2-0 beating us). Tracy's [Capricorn] team (3-0,2-1, 3rd place losing to 1st place). Tracy was the Spirit player of her team. We might have won against Cancer with the proposed "cap @ 11" (note the scoring trend). It didn't matter. It was great fun.

I have the AAAI workshop paper hard deadline tonight (kind of started it, 12 page max) and a problem set tomorrow. My body is not quite as in bad shape as it was Sunday morning or Sunday evening, though I'm not sure where on a 1-100 scale it would be. corvisdog entry coming soon.

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