dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Few Queries

Please, keep them coming. I'll leave the poll up. And here are the answers to the few questions I've received:

For you, sir, there is no charge. Careful, though -- sunshine in the air and all that.

amlet-h:sleep.h:1787:ambiguous redirect for mind.tis_nobler()
amlet-h:sleep.h:1787:candidate matches:
amlet-h:sleep.h:1787: suffer(int slings, struct outrageous *fortune)
amlet-h:sleep.h:1787: take_arms(struct sea troubles)
amlet-h:act3.h:1:error occured here
amlet-h:sleep.h:1787:error is not recoverable, giving up...
[1] Exit 1 amlet-h heartache.c 1000naturalshocks.c

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