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Ok, maybe I'm not quite as boring as I indicate. Maybe that's too strong -- maybe I'm not quite as inactive as would be apparent from my journal. I'm having my first public art showing next weekend. And I'm not even going to be here.

So I signed up to be an artist in Flux 8. Flux is, quite possibly, the coolest thing about Pittsburgh. Basically, every season or so, the organizers find someplace in a struggling portion of the city (...and there certainly are quite a number of them...) -- struggling for recognition, nightlife, whatever. They find a cool venue. They fix it up, they invite 70-80 artists of all forms (performance artists, sculptors, bands, clowns, whatever) and throw a party. It has a unique, sponaneous atmosphere that you don't find in most of the cities with "real" nightlife -- hundreds and hundreds of people show up. The only comparable in JP/Boston would be if you merged Wake Up The Earth with a mansion houseparty, and took out the commerce section. They serve free beer. They collect a cover, which is equally split to all of the artists.

Anyway, I guess they liked my style. So I got to explore the space they have selected for this month's insanity. It is an old social hall -- the hot spot for 70 years (1900-1970), with old ballroom (old-school bandstand), big open bar, and an old-style bowling alley in the basement. Very interesting vibes -- it is being restored to be the future home of Photo Antiquities.

Anyway, on Wednesday I'll be allocated space -- I wasn't picky about what kind of space I was given. I'll either paint the walls, or put up some form of cover, and paint that. This weekend my plan is to explore different media for achieving the kind of look I want.

And of course, I didn't check to make sure this didn't conflict with prior commitments. And Philly is a little too far to do both in the day.

Anyone in Pittsburgh: GO. I really wish I could.

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