dMv (daemonv) wrote,

"Can you go big?"

Flux 8 is going to be wild. My part in Flux 8 is going to be wild.

When I filled out the forms, I was very non-specific and non-demanding (on the artist form, when specifying location preference, I asked for "one (or more) of the three least requested spots"). When I showed up today, the guy was happy to see me, and see if I'd take his challenge. He gave me the bowling alley. All of it. 22.5'x67'x7' of it. People won't be walking on it, so I have to make the whole space interesting.
"Its insane" "Is insane a good thing?"

This should be interesting. I have a couple of hours tomorrow -- I won't be doing much job-work tomorrow, I suspect.

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