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October 27th, 2002

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12:28 pm - Overload
Flux... went... pretty... well... I... think...

Batteries drained during the event. I ended up doing my thing as an "art in progress" -- just started painting, and painted through most of the event (6:30-11:30, approximately). The event seemed to go off well; at least most of the people I had urged to come (maryneedssleep+toddl, bad_faerie+chris, tracy, bucy) seemed to have a good time. Most of the time, though, I just got to paint. As some of you know, pttrning is a form of meditation for me, so I was pretty damn relaxed after two hours or so.

A lot of people took my picture. Some of them even had the decency to say hello. Some people came up to chat -- about my work, or their own theories on... anything. As the night progressed, more alcohol was consumed, so I was approached, or yelled at, more often. This had a poor effect -- when skamille said hello, I basically ignored it. She was yet another someone, maybe I knew or maybe they were attached with flux in some way and remembered my name. It wasn't til later, when I had finally had enough, and needed water, that she reengaged and said hello. Sorry again, skamille -- I could barely recognize you with your slick new hair.

...And now I have to recover, and clean my ignored apartment. Ended up just rolling up all 100'x10' of plastic (only painted about 30' of it, where the backlight was) and trashing it. My art is very much not sacred. I'll be interested to see who and how flux is written up by others (skamille, maryneedssleep, bad_faerie--ha!). And if any of the cool photographs taken for the magazines -- from the other side of the plastic, me in my cloak painting into the light -- ever turn up.

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Date:October 28th, 2002 10:35 am (UTC)

flux was awesome!

Think the hooded figure painting cryptic signals behind a backlit plastic curtain should definitely make it into the magaznes. :-)
You did a great job.

It was a fun night. Everyone I talked to during and after the event enjoyed it immenesely. Many were first-time fluxers who plan on attending more. Yay Ground Zero and Pittsburgh art!

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