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October 29th, 2002

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12:58 pm - Whole Foods
I guess I haven't ranted here about the new Whole Foods. For n-months (I believe n >= 24), there has been talk of a Whole Foods opening up. It did. Bread & Circus all over.

It means good, high quality meat selection (happy cow, happy chicken), organic veggies, and all those obscure bits of the boomer-hippy-yuppy-vegan culture I grew up with. Dinner last night was Banana Chips, for example.

While frolicking there, I also decided to give my Pressure cooker a try. My uncle the foodie (and his family) gave me a really beautiful one as a graduation present. I've had it almost two months, and never opened it. Silly me. They are a lot of fun... and the whole purpose is to cook food faster. I like the kind of things they cook well (stews, risottos, etc). And I had a craving for the stew style pork chop (sauerkraut, potatoes, etc)... so I cooked one. Took <20 minutes to prepare and cook a pair of beautiful >1" thick loin chops (could, of course, only eat one). Pressure cookers rock.

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Date:October 30th, 2002 11:11 am (UTC)

Re: East End Food Co-Op

I've been numerous times. It is not just down the street (like the Whole Foods is), but I go when I have such a need.

I think this journal entry has been misunderstood. This is not the solution to the world's problems. All it does is make Pittsburgh feel more like the home I grew up in.

And the phrase isn't meatatarians. Its "omnivore". Don't you know any biology?

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